A Toronto Man's Reflection Vol 2 Nuit Blanche - Exhibit



A Toronto Man's Reflection Vol.2 Nuit Blanche - Exhibit

The topic of isolation has been weighed on many throughout the lockdown period of the Pandemic that started in 2020. Sitting with my own thoughts during the Covid-19 Pandemic, I started utilizing my Instagram page @atorontomansreflection as a way to share my thoughts that I was forced to sit and face during that period of time.

The name is self explanatory- Toronto is my home. The page started out as an idea that I wasn’t the only one having these same thoughts alone at home, and to my surprise many people connected with my words. When do you ever hear a toronto man express himself and put his mental health out there.

As the notifications on my phone started piling up with tags and shares across different social media platforms, my words caught the attention of Charlemagne the God, who ended up reposting my reflections on his page. If anyone knows Charlemagne the God, they know he is notorious for his opinions and views spreading throughout pop culture quickly.


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A % of the proceeds will be invested back into the Eglinton West community.